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Ted Kim

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Ted Kim

Chief Executive Officer, London Trust Media

Ted Kim currently serves as Chief Executive Officer at London Trust Media where he’s been since November of 2013.

As Chief Executive Officer, Ted is responsible for all areas of operations including Private Internet Access.

After initially joining the company as Interim Chief Marketing Officer, Ted served as Chief Operating Officer

before becoming CEO in March of 2016. London Trust Media is a diversified media and technology company

in the consumer privacy and security space.  Private Internet Access is the premiere paid consumer VPN service offered

worldwide with over 3100 servers in 24+ countries. 

London Trust Media actively protects consumer privacy and is a proud advocate and supporter of a free and open internet. 

London Trust Media also continues to be heavily involved in blockchain companies and technology. Previously,

Ted led the US efforts for Korea-based conglomerate, CJ Group and it’s globalization efforts for a decade.

He last served CJ as the President and CEO of MNET America, setting vision, mission and strategy

as well as overseeing all aspects of operations.  Ted held a wide variety of posts including Head of Strategic Planning

and Business Development and Head of Production at CJ E&M America.

After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, Ted received his J.D. from the University of Arizona College of Law.

An active member of the community, Ted has previously served as a board member of a number of non-profit organizations,

including the Lodestone Theater Ensemble (www.lodestonetheatre.org)

as well as the Korean American Coalition (www.kacla.org) and Koreatown Youth and

Community Center (www.kyccla.org), both of which serve the Los Angeles area.


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