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Michael Sung

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Michael Sung

Chief Strategist, Hybridblock


Dr. Michael Sung is a high-tech investor, and has founded successful ventures in a variety of technology industries.

Dr. Sung is an active investor as a partner/advisor in a number of venture capital and accelerator funds.

He is Chairman of CarbonBlue Innovations, a tech transfer platform and investment fund that is focused on

connect internationally-sourced innovation to Greater China, particularly in the areas of blockchain/crypto,

AI, autonomous/EV, Industry 4.0, and semiconductor technologies.

He is founder of the One World Blockchain Alliance, connecting blockchain ecosystem partners to China's Belt

and Road Initiative. He is the chief strategy advisor for crypto-exchange HybridBlock.io and is the advisor/strategic partner

in a variety of other high-profile blockchain companies in the art & culture, entertainment, advertising, high-tech,

and biotech industries.

Dr. Sung has a strong expertise in IP strategy, technology transfer, and high-tech commercialization.

Dr. Sung is founding faculty for Fudan University Fanhai International School of Finance, where he is spearheading the fintech

and entrepreneurship programs. He is also faculty at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where he drives the entrepreneurship initiatives for the MBA program and is an academic director & instructor for the Executive Education/EMBA

programs for the School of Business and Management. He is very active in advising for the HK, Taiwan, and Shenzhen

governments on international tech transfer policy and building innovation ecosystems.

He is also the chairman of the steering committee for MIT Tech Review's Emtech HK Conference.

A regular invited speaker at various innovation conferences and technology forums, Dr. Sung is the author of over

10 patents & 80 conference/journal papers. He has received various awards for technology entrepreneurship

including MIT Enterprise Forum’s Most Visionary Technology Award.

His project on large-scale graphene manufacturing was awarded Google’s Solve for X Prize,

the first project ever selected from China/HK. Prof. Sung received his Ph.D. in EECS at the MIT Media Lab/Computer Science

and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and also has a graduate financial engineering degree from MIT Sloan Business School. 


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