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Deniz Guven

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Deniz Guven

Global Head of Design and Client Experience, Digital Banking, Standard Chartered Group

Deniz is an internationally recognised leader in driving digital transformations

and bringing new digital banking experiences to audiences globally. 
At Standard Chartered, he oversees a great number of initiatives, ranging from global digital insights & strategies,

client journeys and optimisations, digital wealth initiatives to collaborations with leading tech firms and emerging start-ups.

His aim is transform the Bank into a digital business, and to create fresh and exciting digital experiences.

Deniz believes that by integrating banking to client’s lives seamlessly,

the Bank adds the human touch that complements people’s active and fast paced lifestyles. 
Prior to joining Standard Chartered, Deniz served as the Senior Vice President at BBVA Group’s Garanti Bank,

Turkey’s most valuable company by market capitalization. His role included the management and oversight of mobile

and online banking channels, ATM and voice technologies including call centre, along with user experience and service design,

digital marketing and communications, partnering, corporately owned websites and social media channels.

During his time, Garanti Bank’s digital customers reached 5 million active, with an increased market share of 30%.

In addition, he was the key architect of GarantiPartners, an acceleration program of the Bank for start-ups.

As the mentor, he reviewed more than 1,200 start-ups and fintechs from the region.

He is also a board member of IAB Turkey (Interactive Advertising Bureau). 
Deniz also worked for Finansbank where he managed Marketing Services and Digital Channels.

Before this role, he worked as the Manager of Digital Channels at HSBC Turkey and led the digitalization of Advantage Card,

Turkey’s largest loyalty credit card program at that time. During the first years of his career,

he managed numerous channel projects in Demirbank, one of the biggest privately owned bank of its time in Turkey. 
In addition to being a technology enthusiast, Deniz enjoys yoga and writing as well. He has been a columnist at Digitalage,

Turkey’s renowned technology and business magazine, with his articles about current technology

and financial trends for more than 2 years. 
Deniz Güven holds a Bachelor’s Degree in New Media and Communications from Marmara University

and an MBA from Istanbul Bilgi University. He has a 6 year old son named Demir and they are both true supporters of Besiktas Football Club.


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