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강연자 & 자료

Lee, Seok Rae

페이지 정보


Lee, Seok Rae

Director General, Division of Health Industry Policy, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning


Present in Combined MS/PhD program, Graduate School of Public Administration, Hanyang University
1989 B.A. in Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University


2017 ~ Present  Director, Bio Tec R&D Division Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
2016 ~ 2017  Trainee Sejong institution
2014 ~ 2015  Director, Regional R&D Division Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
2013 ~ 2014  Director, Convergence Planning Division, National Science and Technology Commission
2012  Director, Panning and Finance Division
2011~ 2012  Director, Policy Coordination Division, Ministry of Education and Science Technology
2010 ~ 2011 Deputy Director (Team Manager), Team of Measures for Private Education, University of Utah, United States of America
2008 ~ 2010  Research Fellow, Institute of Intelligent Drug Delivery, The Office for Government Policy Coordination
2007 ~ 2008  Director, Science and Technology Policy Division, Ministry of Science and Technology
2006 ~ 2007  Deputy Director (Team leader), Bio-Tech Development Team
2006  Deputy Director (Team leader), Innovation Team of National Science Museum
2002 ~ 2006  Deputy Director, Life and Environmental Technology Division, Korea-Japan World Cup Organizing Committee
2001 ~2002   Managing Director, Ministry of Science and Technology
1998 ~ 2001  Deputy Director, Nuclear Safety Division, Ministry of Government Administration
1997 ~ 1998  Deputy Director  


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