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Shin, Sung Hwan

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Shin, Sung Hwan

President, Korea Institute of Finance

 Dr. Shin, Sunghwan is currently the President of the Korea Institute of Finance (KIF), a leading think tank in Korea focusing on financial policies. He has been in the post since March 2015, marking a return to the KIF since his departure in 1995 when he was its Research Fellow. Prior to returning to the KIF, he researched and taught at Hongik University and the Korea Fixed Income Research Institute in the areas of asset pricing, asset allocation, pension reform, pension management, public-private partnership (PPP), risk management, currency management and capital markets.

From August 1998 to March 2001, Dr. Shin worked for the World Bank as a Senior Financial Officer in its finance complex with main responsibilities of managing the IBRD’s capital and overall financial capacity, providing advisory services on the IBRD’s pension management, risks of the IFC’s liquid assets and loan portfolios, and the overall financial capacity of the IFC.

 In addition, Dr. Shin has been an active participant in various associations, committees, boards, and commissions. In 2013, he was the President of the Korea Pension Academic Association. He also served as a board member of major finance academic associations in Korea. Dr. Shin chaired the public fund evaluation board organized by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance in 2014, and participated in committees which were coordinated by the Financial Services Commission, Financial Supervisory Services, and NPS of Korea. He was a steering committee member of KIC, and a non-executive board member of KB Financial Group, Woori Bank, and KOGAS. Dr. Shin also has served on the MIT Center for Finance and Policy Advisory Board since 2015.

 Dr. Shin received a BA in Economics from the Seoul National University in 1985 and a PhD in Finance from the Sloan School of Management at MIT in 1993.


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