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강연자 & 자료

Changhong Pei

페이지 정보


Changhong Pei

Head of Institute of Finance and Trade Economics, CASS


Ph. D

Research Fellow and the Supervisor for Ph.D students

Director, the Institute of Economics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)



1973-1976   Undergraduate of the Department of Economics in Xiamen University.

1978-1981 Graduate of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social                      Sciences, Master degree of Economics.

1994-1997   Graduate of the Institute of International Economy and Trade in the University of International Business and Economics


<Working Experience>

1990-1996 Party members, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Research Center of Rural Economy

1994-1996 Assistant to the director and Manager of Research division, Institute of Finance and

Trade, CASS

1997-2002 Director of Foreign Affairs Bureau, CASS

2002-2004 A temporary post of Deputy Major of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government

2004-2010 Director of Institute of Finance and Trade, CASS

Since 2010 Director of Institute of Economics, CASS


The research priority was focus on international trade and investment, finance and service economics for long time. More than 50 papers has been published in the domestic Journals and newspapers, for example of Chinese Social Sciences》、《Qiu Shi》、《People’s Daily》、《The Economic Research》、《China’s Industrial Economy》、《The Finance and Trade Economy》、《International Tradesince 2003. In the same time, some English papers have also been published in domestic English Journals, such as The Social Sciences of China》、《China and the World Economy》、《China’s Economist. His major books are:Foreign Capital Utilization and industrial competitive capacity 》、《The economic globalization and international trade in the recent times》、《China’s service industry and service trade》、《The tax rebate and china’s foreign trade》、《China’s FDI inflow: The situation and Challenges in the early times of 21 century》、《China’s Openness Outside and Reform of Circulation System for 30Years》、《The Foreign Trade of The Republic for 60 Years》、etc..



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