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강연자 & 자료

An, Yu Hua

페이지 정보


An, Yu Hua

Professor, Graduate School of China, Sungkyunkwan University


2013  Korea University, Ph.D in Business Administration specialized in Finance

2001  Yanbian University, Economics, LL.M, China

1993  Jilin Chemical Industrial University, B.Ch.E, China



2016~present : SungKyunKwan University(owned Samsung)

2016~present: Expert member, Korean Intellectual Property Commission (Presidential appointment)

2017~present : Expert member, Foreign Ministry of Overseas Koreans Division affairs 

2016~ 2018 : Financial Advisor, Qingdao(China) and Busan(Korea)

2015~ present : President, China Securities Administration Institute 

2016~ present : South Korean listed company Nexteye outside director 

2010~ present : Member of Hyundai Motor China Economic Forum

2014~2018 : Expert member, Foreign Ministry of economic affairs consultant in charge of China

2016.01.~2017.01 : a senior advisor of Yulchon LLC

2015~2017.02: Korea Securities Depository, Research and Development, Visiting researcher

2016.07-08: Archegos Capital Management Hedge Fund in Newyourk(Tiger Hedge Fund Asia)

2016 Modern Steelmaking (Hyundai Steel, a modern group) expert advisory committee

2011~2015 : Chung-Ang University, Professor, Graduate School of Business Finance MBA, Chinese financial lectures

2008~2015 : Korea Capital Market Institute, International researcher, in charge of Chinese Capital Market 

                     (‘Chinese financial market focus’ managing editor)

2007~2008 : SUM JEONG KPMG, Project Risk Analyst

2005~2008 : Korea University, head of corporate governance institute

2005~2008 : Korea University, lecturer on financial management, thesis on Investments and Security market

1993~2003 : Professor at Yanbian University of China


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